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Revcontent expands into one of the fastest-growing digital markets, Brazil, offering competitive revenue to publishers and premium inventory offerings to advertisers.

Growth and Untapped Opportunity

Brazil’s unique population and demographic makeup make for some of the highest engaged online users in the world.

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Less Competition for Ad Inventory vs. US
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Increase in Mobile E-Commerce Buying
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Access the Internet Mostly on Mobile

For Publishers

Monetize Your Brazilian Website

Our monetization engine maximizes publisher revenue without comprising page speed or user experience. The lightweight widget solution delivers industry-leading CPMs via non-intrusive, audience-friendly native integrations.

For Brand Advertisers

Your Ads in Your Local Language

Be one of the first to market expand your audience in this rapidly developing region with hands-on account management available for launching, scaling and optimizing for the lifetime of your partnership.

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Revcontent Expands to Brazil

“With our completely dedicated Brazil team, our clients can expect real-time, geographically & culturally relevant strategic insight from their dedicated reps and account managers. There has never been a more robust opportunity to both enter and scale in the BR geo with Revcontent.”

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