Maximizing Revenue Engagement Cash Flow Guarantees Flexibility  for Publishers

Without Compromise

Lightweight, customizable technology empowers the web’s leading publishers to reach and exceed their revenue, engagement and growth goals.

A trio of phones depicting Revcontent ads on a variety of publisher websites.

Modern, Lightweight, Flexible

Lighter widgets mean less page latency and more $ from existing revenue partners
Meet our product suite of content discovery formats...

Native Sponsored Content


Google AMP


Unique First-Party Demand

Expansive self-service advertiser marketplace delivers unique, first-party demand to publisher widgets
Direct Relationships
1st party demand marketplace cuts out the middleman and drives advertising budgets directly to publishers
No Cookie Dependence

First-party data belongs to publishers and doesn’t rely on cookies to drive performance.

Consistent, Predictable Revenue

No performance fluctuations or seasonal volatility enables publishers to accurately forecast revenue and operate their business

More Revenue

Monetize your traffic at 20%+ higher rates than other platforms, guaranteed.
Revenue (CPM)~80% more revenue!

Faster Technology

Our widgets perform ~60% faster than competitors

68% Faster!4000ms3000ms2000ms

More Revenue Per Pixel

Improved Reader UX
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An iPad showing a news article from a publication that uses Wevcontent's ad widgets. On the screen we see 90% content, and 10% ads

Less Real Estate

More Revenue

Other Vendors
An iPad showing a news article from a publication that doesn't use revcontent's ad widgets. On the screen we see 20% content, and 80% ads

Custom Data Visualizations

Publishers can create fully customized data visualizations tailored to inform editorial and revenue decision making for your business. Visualizations can be auto emailed to stakeholders on a recurring frequency of your choosing.

Fully Customizable Widgets

Fully customizable, native widgets match the look and feel of your sites and apps, creating a truly frictionless user experience
100% Fill Rates

Drive monetization opportunities across all devices, geos and traffic types 

World Class Support

Around-the-clock access to account management and support teams dedicated to strategically optimizing your integration to exceed your business needs. 

Audience Engagement

Proprietary content recirculation tools increase engagement, keeping users on site and maximizing value per session  

Publisher Revenue Options

Examples of ads that can be blocked. Image includes 6 blocked ads with images and headlines relating to guns, conspiracy theories, beauty, and medicine. Also includes an example of blocked keywords such as "Election" "Disgusting" "Diet" and "Scandal"

Brand Safety At Your Fingertips

Granular content controls provide a high quality user experience to your audience.

Increased Revenue With Lightweight Technology

Revcontent provided significantly higher margins than competitors, allowing Barstool Sports flexibility and margin to operate their growing media empire.

“A true leader in adapting and pivoting to market changes, Barstool is able to focus on what matters – creating fun, engaging content for their hundreds of millions of fans. We are excited to bolster their monetization efforts and deliver new revenue opportunities as they continue to expand their reach to audiences around the world.”

Revcontent CEO, Richard Marques

A smartphone open on, showing a Revcontent ad widget with an ad for West Elm logo

21% More Revenue With a Better User Experience

After testing the entire space, Salon partnered exclusively with Revcontent for significantly higher returns.

“Revcontent outperformed other content recommendation providers by 21% during Salon’s test period. Our site loads 5x faster than before, and our average ad unit viewability has nearly doubled year over year. We’re delivering less ad impressions, speeding up the experience for our readers, and not suffering any reduction in our earnings.”

Salon Chief Revenue Officer, Justin Wohl

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