NBA Analysis & NFL Analysis Experiences Significant Revenue Boost

Stable Q1 CPMs

As most of the advertising industry experiences a CPM slump, NFL Analysis and NBA Analysis continue to see stable, predictable revenue.

New M.A.T.C.H.E.S Algorithm

This proprietary system optimizes revenue & user engagement by intelligently increasing advertisement diversity with an 8-factor learning engine. Revcontent utilizes its new and improved algorithm to boost revenue for NBA Analysis & NFL Analysis.

Faster Page Speed

“We aim to make our integration as simple and frictionless as possible, especially alongside other ad tech vendors,” said Richard Marques, CEO of Revcontent. Lightweight widget scripts perform ~68% faster than pages with competitor scripts, maximizing monetization & engagement opportunities on every pageview
"Revcontent is a valued partner of ours for their significant revenue boost, lightweight technology, and incredible customer service team."
Evan Massey
Co-Founder at NFL Analysis/NBA Analysis